Resource Management


Manatee Watch

RM_sanctuaries Manatee Protection – The refuge staff is in charge of setting up, monitoring and enforcing seven manatee sanctuaries. The most difficult challenge is the crowd control management of over 250,000 annual visitors that recreate with manatees near these sanctuaries in less than 3 acres of accessible refuge waters opened to the public.

Resourcemgmt_promolist_VS Visitor Services – In addition to managing 250,000 annual in-water visitors, the refuge provides land base opportunities to visitors. Three Sister Springs has recently become part of the refuge and managing land base manatee oriented activities within the property (Wildlife observation and photography, interpretation and Environmental Education) has become the top priority of the refuge.

ResourceMgmt_Promolist Manatee Rescues
- Assisting injured and orphaned manatees is another major role the refuge staff plays in all of Kings Bay year-round.