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Although some National Wildlife Refuges charge an entrance fee, Cross Creeks National Wildlife Refuge does not. A state license is required for hunting and fishing on refuge lands, and an annual refuge hunt permit is required for all hunting activity.

  • Annual Hunting Permits

    Each hunter, age 17 and older, must have on his person a valid state hunting license AND a Refuge Annual Hunting Permit. The Refuge Annual Hunt Permit may be purchased only through Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) licensing agents such as county clerks, area sporting good stores, hardware stores and interested merchants. There is a $15.00 fee for this permit which is valid for all quota and non-quota hunting. Please use code 064 when purchasing this permit.

  • Fishing

    A current state fishing license is required to fish all refuge waters and the Cumberland River. There is no other special permit required for fishing on the refuge. However, please see our Hunting/Fishing Brochure for specific regulations for fishing while on Cross Creeks National Wildlife Refuge. 

  • Special Use Permits

    We are here for wildlife first, and must safeguard them as well as their habitat. For this reason, Special Use Permits are needed for certain activities such as:

    •Commercial Fishing

    •Biological Research

    •Commercial Photography

    •Maintenance on Public Use Facilities

    For additional information about Special Use Permits, please contact us.