High Water, Ice, and Limited Access

Crescent Lake - Island Lake Loop Trail 2019

Island Lake Look Trail, Current Closures.

AS OF NOVEMBER 5, 2019 - Due to high water, freezing conditions, and flooded roadways, access to Crescent Lake National Wildlife Refuge remains limited. The Refuge Office and Visitor Contact Station can now be accessed from the North and South on County Rd 181.  County roads to and from Oshkosh, Lakeside, Antioch, and Lisco all have been re-opened this week but conditions remain poor.  Roads are wet, soft, and muddy and slow speed and four wheel drive vehicles are recommended.  Some Island Lake and Crane Lake area trails remain closed (see map).  The Wilderness area is accessible from the East end and from Crane Lake only.    For your safety, please respect Road Closed signs. Please call the Refuge office for more information, 308-762-4893.


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