About the Refuge

First settlers stone - USFWS.

"Near this spot in June 1640 landed the colonists from Lynn, Mass. who founded Southampton - the first English settlement in the state of New York."


Conscience Point National WIldlife Refuge is a 60-acre mix of woodlands, grasslands and saltmarsh. The refuge has a maritime grassland community, one of few on Long Island. Grassland dependent birds such as blue-winged and prairie warblers use the maritime grassland, which is dominated by little bluestem and switchgrass. Wading birds and osprey are common on the refuge during the spring and summer, while waterfowl such as American black duck, are abundant in winter.

*Open to select public use activities (e.g., biological research, environmental education) by special use permit. For more information contact us.

The Long Island National Wildlife Refuge Complex consists of seven national wildlife refuges, two refuge sub-units and one wildlife management area. Collectively, the ten units are approximately 6,500 acres in size. Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge is home to the refuge complex headquarters and visitor center.