Wildlife of Columbia

Mule Deer Fawn

As striking as Columbia NWR is, it's really the wildlife people come to see. We hope you do, too.

  • Coyotes

    Coyote Wink

    Although common, coyotes aren't seen very often, and it's a special treat when a trip to the refuge includes a coyote sighting. We've assembled a lot of information for you on coyotes because, well, we like them.

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  • Dragonflies & Damselflies

    Dragonfly Head Shot

    Some of the most voracious predators of the insect world, dragonflies and damselflies are also some of the most beautiful insects. We think you'll agree as you read about them and visit our photo gallery on the Multimedia page.

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  • Rodents


    The world of rodents covers a lot of territory—far more than just mice and rats—from the pygmy jerboa (0.13 ounces, 1.7 inches long) of Pakistan to the capybara of South America (150 pounds, 4.5 feet long). None of ours are that extreme, but we do have diminutive mice and lumbering beavers.

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  • Sandhill Cranes

    Sandhill Crane Flight

    If it seems like Sandhill cranes are all over this site . . . well, they are. While Columbia NWR may have been established for waterfowl, it has become best known for its cranes.  We invite you to learn more about them.

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  • Washington Ground Squirrels

    Washington Ground Squirrel Pair

    Yes, the Washington ground squirrel is a rodent, and we could have covered them in that section, but they are just so darn cute, and such a favorite when seen, that they deserve their own web site.

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  • Species Lists

    Species Lists

    If you like order and cataloging, have we got a page for you. We've pulled together species lists for just about every category of living organism on Columbia National Wildlife Refuge. Want to start a plant Life List?

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