Wildlife and Habitats

White-crowned Sparrow

Everyone lives someplace, from mountain glaciers to volcano vents. Who makes their homes at Columbia National Wildlife Refuge and just what do those “homes” look like.

  • Water in the Desert


    Look for water in the desert—and the abundance of life found in these unexpected oases. Once this area was dry except for a lazy, seasonal creek meandering through. Now, year-round lakes, potholes and marshes provide food and homes for many wildlife species. What changed? An irrigation success story.

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  • Habitats of Columbia NWR


    Landscapes from the dramatic geologic processes of millions of years ago, juxtaposed with water from the present Columbia Basin Project, have created a stunning variety of habitats in this eastern Washington desert. Let's look at a few.

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  • Wildlife of Columbia NWR

    Side-blotched Lizard

    That very same diversity of habitats has lead to an amazing diversity of wildlife, far more than should be found in the eastern Washington desert.

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  • Watching Wildlife

    Newborn Mule Deer Fawn

    So, while we encourage you to get out to see Columbia NWR's wildlife and plant abundance, we hope you will remember that this is the wildlife's home, you are but a visitor. We've pulled together some tips to help you protect the wildlife you came to see.

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