Greater sage grouse lek overlooking the Cokeville Meadows wetlands.  



Conservation wouldn't be possible without great partners.  Neighboring ranchers and farmers, the State of Wyoming offices, especially the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and Wyoming State Engineer's Office, local conservation district, and other federal government agencies and private or non-profit organizations.  Other partners from branches within the US Fish and Wildlife Service including the Partners for Fish and Wildlife, Fire Management Program, and Realty Program.  Links to partners websites who've helped us with conservation projects are listed below:


Wyoming Partners for Fish and Wildlife

Wyoming Game and Fish Department

Ducks Unlimited

Trout Unlimited

The Nature Conservancy

The Conservation Fund

Wyoming Wildlife Natural Resource Trust

Audubon Rockies

Lincoln County Conservation District

Lincoln County Weed and Pest

Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative

Intermountain West Joint Venture

Natural Resources Conservation Service

US Forest Service

Bureau of Land Management