About the Refuge

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Cokeville Meadows highway pullout features interpretive signs and a short walkway that overlooks some of the wet meadow and marsh habitat of the refuge. 

Cokeville Meadows National Wildlife Refuge(CMNWR) south of Cokeville, Wyoming is centered around a 20-mile stretch of the Bear River and its associated wetlands and uplands. The Refuge was established in 1992. While the approved acquisition boundary for the Refuge totals 26,657 acres, only 9,259 have been purchased or are protected through conservation easements to date. Land acquisition is ongoing from willing sellers only.  

Wetlands within the Bear River Valley provide excellent habitat for a variety of migratory and resident wildlife species. The area was identified as the number one priority in the Bear River Focus Area Plan for the Inter-Mountain West Joint Venture. The Refuge supports one of the highest densities of nesting waterfowl in Wyoming, species including white-faced ibis, black tern, and numerous other marsh and shorebirds; provides excellent potential for reintroduction of trumpeter swans; and provides habitat for local resident wildlife such as sage grouse, mule deer, elk, and pronghorn.