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Although some National Wildlife Refuges require entrance fees, Clarks River National Wildlife Refuge does not. State hunting and fishing liceses are nedded for all hunting and fishing activity on the Refuge as well as a Refuge permit. Read below for more information.

Hunting/Fishing Permits

Clarks River National Wildlife Refuge Permits are required for anyone that is also required to have Kentucky State hunting/fishing license and is engaged in hunting/fishing activities on the Refuge. This free hunting/fishing permit should be obtained and signed before arriving to hunt or fish on the refuge.  


Special Use Permits 

We are here for wildlife first, and must safeguard them as well as their habitat. For this reason, Special Use Permits are needed for certain activities such as:
  • ATV use for Mobility Impaired users
  • Biological Research
  • Litter or Salvage Removal
  • All Right-of-way maintenance (including mowing and limb trimmingl)
Permits are subject to review and approval by the refuge manager. Therefore, if you are interested in conducting one of the above activities or another activity not normally allowed on the refuge, we encourage you to contact the refuge one month in advance of your work or activity to begin the paperwork. 
Thank you for helping us protect America's wildlife and wildlands!