For Educators

Group Hike

Outdoor experiences are essential for good mental, physical, and emotional development. Time spent outside fosters creativity, heightens sensory skills, and teaches us to pay more attention to the world around us. Come visit Clarks River National Wildlife Refuge for a classroom without walls!

Refuge staff is dedicated to offering Environmental Education programs for schools, youth groups, scout troops, and the general public. We are willing to adapt to the curriculum you are covering and the age group being taught. 

Please contact the refuge for more information on the FREE programs we offer or to schedule a FREE field trip for your school or group. 

Some ideas for programs or activities are listed below:

  • Animal Olympics (an active lesson on adaptations)
  • Wetland Yoga (a lesson on adaptations of plants and animals in wetlands)
  • Careers in Wildlife 
  • Rock Cycle 
  • Food Chain 
  • Habitat
  • Wildlife Adaptations
  • Water Cycle
  • Fossils
  • Live Animals/Animal furs 
  • Waterfowl or Junior Duck Stamp 
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Bird Banding
  • Macro Invertebrate Sampling
  • PH testing
  • Invasive Species   

Visit our photo gallery to see some images of programs in action!

We are also available to set-up a booth at various events such as: career days, field days, festivals, and community events.

Feel free to use some of our data from bird banding in the classroom. It's a great way to bring science into math or math into science!