About the Refuge

King Rail Brood

Adult king rails search for food to feed their young along the edge of a wetland at Clarence Cannon National Wildlife Refuge.


Clarence Cannon National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1964 with funds from the purchase of migratory waterfowl stamps. It lies in Pike County, Missouri, Pool 25 about one mile east of the small town of Annada, Missouri. 

The refuge was named in honor of Congressman Clarence Cannon who was influential in establishing the refuge. The area was formerly part of an agricultural levee district and all but a few hundred acres is encompassed by a levee. This National Wildlife Refuge covering 3,750 acres of Mississippi River floodplain, was established to provide a feeding and resting area for migratory birds. The refuge is located in the floodplain of the Mississippi river and is comprised of managed moist soil units, open water, wet meadows and bottomland forest habitats.

The Clarence Cannon National Wildlife Refuge office is also the headquarters for the Great River National Wildlife Refuge.

Contact the Refuge
Phone: 573-847-2333
37599 Pike 206
Annada, Missouri 63330
*Deaf/Hard of Hearing individuals may reach Clarence Cannon National Wildlife Refuge through Missouri Relay dialing:
1-800-735-2966  TTY/TTD/ASCII
1-866-735-2460  Voice
1-800-735-0135  VCO
1-800-520-7309  Spanish TTY
1-877-735-7877  Spanish Speech to Speech