Plan Your Visit

Visitor Center entrance / Oliver Davis ©

Welcome to Cibola National Wildlife Refuge!

Refuge Headquarters/Visitor Center 
During the winter season, November through the second week of March, the refuge headquarters are open every day, from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Arizona time. During the rest of the year, we ask that if you plan on making a visit to the refuge, be sure to call us, (928-857-3253) before you arrive. This way, we can ensure that there will be a staff member, or volunteer that will be ready to assist you.

Once you are at the visitor center, a friendly member of our refuge staff, or volunteer team will provide you with maps, brochures and checklists and let you know what's happening on the refuge. Observing our display cases will allow you to become better at wildlife identification when you decide to visit the refuge. 

Enjoying the Refuge:
Cibola National Wildlife Refuge offers wildlife-dependent recreational opportunities, including wildlife observation, hiking, hunting, fishing and wildlife photography. We hope that you enjoy this public resource to the best of your ability. However, we ask that you enjoy within the proper boundaries that have been posted by our refuge staff. It is important to remember that ignoring a sign that reads "No Public Entry", puts both you and the wildlife we work so hard to provide habitat for, in jeopardy. 

If you are coming from Blythe, CA or Quartzsite, AZ:


  • Get on I-10 westbound.
  • Take the Neighbors Boulevard Exit.
  • Turn Left at the stop sign.
  • Continue for 17 miles.
  • Arrive at the Cibola National Wildlife Refuge visitor center.

If you are coming from Yuma, AZ:


  • Get on I-8 Westbound
  • Take Exit 159 onto Ogilby Road
  • Turn Right onto Ogilby Road
  • Continue for 25 miles. 
  • At the Stop sign, turn right onto the Ben Hulse Highway
  • Continue for 21 miles.
  • Look for a green sign labeled, "Colorado River"
  • Turn right at this sign.