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About the Refuge

About the refuge

Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge was established in December 2008 for the conservation of migratory birds and federal trust species, and the habitats they depend on. The lands and waters of the Cherry Valley have been widely recognized for their valuable natural resources. These include a diverse mosaic of wetland and upland habitats that support an unusually large number of federal trust species, including five federally listed threatened or endangered species. The Kittatinny Ridge (which flanks the south side of the valley) has been designated an Important Bird Area by the Pennsylvania Audubon Society, and is a well-known migration flyway that concentrates up to 20,000 migrating raptors and more than 140 bird species every fall. Large blocks of unfragmented forest along the ridge also serve as valuable breeding areas for interior-forest birds.   


Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge
1547 Route 565
Sussex, New Jersey 07461
Phone: (973) 702-7266
Fax: (973) 702-7286
E-mail : Fran Stephenson (

Last Updated: Jan 22, 2013
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