Plan Your Visit


Each spring, majestic flights of thousands of waterfowl, sandhill cranes, and shorebirds are drawn to the prairie grasslands and wetlands of North Dakota.  Look for the unique courtship rituals of western grebes rushing across the water surface, or the bubbling display of male ruddy ducks.

North Dakota has more national wildlife refuges and wetland management districts that any other state, providing habitat for a diverse array of prairie wildlife.  Refuges and districts within North Dakota are part of the National Wildlife Refuge System where wildlife comes first.  We welcome you to visit and enjoy watching wildlife, while learning more about the animals and their habitats.  Most refuges and waterfowl production areas (WPAs) are open to hunting and fishing.  Nearly all refuges and district offices offer facilities for visitors of all abilities to enjoy wildlife-dependent recreational opportunities.

Please refer to the North Dakota Waterfowl Production Areas Public Use Regulations Brochure for more information about visiting lands within the Chase Lake Wetland Management District.