In The Community

Chase Lake National Wildlife Refuge, lies 15 miles northwest of Medina in North Dakota's famous prairie pothole country. In an effort to bring greater awareness and appreciation of the prairie pothole landscape and to develop natural resources based opportunities for the rural community, the Chase Lake Foundation was founded in 1991. The organization's goal is to build bridges of understanding and cooperation between the community, landowners, farmers, and visitors to help conserve our natural resources while developing the area's full potential as one of the top birding and natural resource tourism sites in not only this nation, but also in the world.

The Chase Lake Foundation is a membership-based non-profit 501c3 corporation. Anyone can become a member by making an annual financial contribution to the Foundation. All donations are tax deductible. Members have a vote and voice in the organization through it's annual meeting held each spring and through its elected board of directors which normally meets on a monthly basis.

To learn more about the Chase Lake Foundation, please visit their website: