Plan Your Visit

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The Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge’s Wetland Management District is comprised of three Waterfowl Production Areas (WPAs) and numerous conservation easements. The WPAs are open to hunting, hiking, and wildlife observation but the easements are closed to the public. 

Wildlife commonly observed on the District include those most tolerant of alkali soils, such as many species of waterfowl, shorebirds, upland game birds, songbirds, and small and big game. Wildlife species include waterfowl, pronghorn, and prairie dogs. Many other small mammals exist along with horned lizards (often referred to as horned toads), and rattlesnakes. Please visit our wildlife and habitat section and visitor activities page for more information.

What to Bring

Binoculars, a backpack, and water are all essential items to bring any time you venture out to recreate on any public land. Additional helpful items are quality boots to protect your feet from prickly pear cactus, weather appropriate gear, and bug repellant for the seasonally plentiful mosquitoes found on the WPAs.

General Travel

As with traveling in any remote area, please keep emergency supplies, a full spare tire, and an eye out for changing weather or roads conditions in order to stay safe while enjoying these places. No off road travel is permitted and prohibited by federal law. Please stay on established routes and roads.

Driving Directions

Clark’s Fork Waterfowl Production Area 

Clark’s Fork WPA is located 28 miles south of Laurel, Montana and approximately 1.5 miles northeast of Bridger, Montana. From Bridger, drive north 0.5 mile on Highway 310. Turn east on a gravel road (Teesdale Lane) for 0.5 mile; the road jogs north and ends at the parking lot. The road into the WPA is an all-weather gravel surface but snow may prohibit travel into the unit during winter.

Spidel Waterfowl Production Area

Spidel WPA is 31 miles northwest of Billings, MT and located approximately 2 miles northeast of Broadview, Montana. From Broadview, turn east on 21 Mile Road, and drive 0.5 mile. Then turn north on graveled Cemetery Road for 1.5 miles to reach the WPA. Wet weather can make the gravel road impassable with very little rainfall so please watch for changing weather conditions.

Tew Waterfowl Production Area

Tew WPA is 43 miles northwest of Billings, MT and is located approximately 12 miles northeast of Broadview, Montana. From Broadview, turn east on 21 Mile Road, and drive 7.5 miles. Then turn north on Oswald Road, and drive 4 miles. From Oswald Road, turn east onto Daily Road, and drive 4.5 miles to the WPA. Wet weather can make any of these gravel roads or trails impassable with very little rainfall, so please watch for changing weather conditions.

Maps and Interpretive Information

At the Charles M. Russell NWR headquarters in Lewistown, MT you can find numerous brochures and maps for these WPA’s. Online documents of maps and regulations will soon be posted to the Wetland Management District website.

For additional information please contact staff at any of Charles M. Russell NWR Offices.