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Resource Management

flowers in foreground

The overall management goal at Charles M. Russell NWR is to promote biological diversity and maintain the natural abundance of native flora and fauna. 

  • Fire

    Rx fire

    Prescribed fire and wildfire are tools to achieve habitat objectives and large, landscape-level change.

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  • Grazing

    cows grazing

    Livestock grazing is another tool that can help CMR restore and conserve habitat.

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  • Bottomlands Restoration

    bottomland planting

    Located only on the west end of the Refuge, CMR is working to restore these diverse and important habitats.

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  • Invasive Species Management

    salt cedar

    Invasive species continue to be one of the greatest challenges for managers in the Refuge System including CMR.

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  • Wilderness

    small wilderness photo

    CMR currently has one designated wilderness area and 15 proposed wilderness areas.

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Last Updated: May 16, 2013
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