Keeping up with climate change and sea level rise necessitates strong partnerships for the successful operation of the Cedar Keys NWR. We find partners in higher education institutions, civic and conservation groups, state agencies, and our Friends of Refuges. With budgets dwindling and staff reduction, our many partners are more highly valued than ever.

The National Wildlife Refuge System is committed to building partnerships which encourage conservation and preservation of our natural and cultural resources. Partnerships with the Refuge System bring innovative approaches to solving land management and water disputes in the most environmentally protective manner. Scientifically-informed and technologically-based stewardship of our public lands, waters, wildlife and special places must be collaborative efforts between the Refuge System, other government agencies, and private organizations if conservation efforts are to succeed. We work closely with the University of Florida; the Seahorse Key Marine Research Lab and individual researchers help us to understand island ecology, climate change concerns, and archaeology of the area.