Law Enforcement

Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge...where wildlife comes first!

All regulations are for the protection of wildlife, their habitat, and our visitors. To provide security for creatures both large and small, no camping or fires on Refuge islands, nor dogs off-leash are allowed. Beaches are accessible, but island interiors, except for Atsena Otie, are closed to all.  Because of the active rookery on Seahorse Key, its beaches and 100 yards are closed from March 1 through June 30 every year to all public entry. After the young have left their nests, the beaches are open for your fun, fishing, and photography. All artifacts are protected by the Antiquities Act and must be left in place for all to discover.

Our brochure lists local regulations to keep you informed and Refuge law enforcement officers patrol to maintain safety for you, wildlife, and habitat.

If you have a law enforcement, fire or health emergency, call 911.