About the Complex

corn snakeroot and carphepherous

Cedar Keys is managed as part of the North Florida Refuge Complex.  A National Wildlife Refuge Complex is an administrative grouping of two or more refuges, wildlife management areas or other refuge conservation areas that are primarily managed from a central office location.  Refuges are grouped into a complex structure because they occur in a similar ecological region, such as a watershed or specific habitat type, and have a related purpose and management needs.  Typically, a project leader or complex manager oversees the general management of all refuges within the complex and refuge managers are responsible for operations at specific Refuges.  Supporting staff, composed of administrative, law enforcement, refuge manager, biological, fire, visitor services, and maintenance professionals, are centrally located and support all refuges within the complex.

Other Refuges in the complex include:  Lower Suwannee, St Marks, and St. Vincent.  The North Florida Refuge Complex headquarters is located at 1255 Lighthouse Road, St. Marks, FL 32355.

Lower Suwannee NWR and Cedar Keys NWR
16450 NW 31st Place
Chiefland, FL
(352)493-1935 Fax
Email: lowersuwannee@fws.gov

St. Marks NWR
P.O. Box 68
St. Marks, FL  32355
(850) 925-6121
Email: saintmarks@fws.gov

St. Vincent NWR
P.O. Box 447
Apalachicola, FL 32329
(850) 653-8808
E-mail: saintvincent@fws.gov