Seasons of Wildlife

Seasons of Wildlife Hdr Pic

Brown Pelicans with Chicks.

  • Spring

    Seasons Spring Painted Bunting

    Spring is a prime time to visit the refuge. You have opportunities to see painted buntings and other songbirds as their migration peaks in March and April. Seabirds and shorebirds also return at this time. Alligators can be viewed as they sun along the banks of Jacks Creek and Summerhouse Pond.

  • Summer

    Seasons Summer Woodstorks

    Summer is a hot and humid period. Temperatures sometimes reach above 100 degrees but visitors are rewarded with the possibility of seeing endangered woodstorks, fledgling royal terns, and other young birds.

  • Fall

    Seasons Fall American Oystercatchers

    Fall temperatures begin to cool and fall colors appear in the maritime forest. In September, ducks begin to arrive in preparation for their winter stay. In October, yellow warblers and other songbirds again pass through the refuge.

  • Winter

    Seasons Winter Northern Shovelers

    Winter is the season for hunting and fishing. Channel bass runs peak in November and deer hunts occur in November and December. Birders can observe peak waterfowl numbers in late November and early December. At this time, most of the Atlantic Coast's American Oystercatcher population is on the refuge. January and February are prime times to gather clams and oysters.