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Tucker County High students planting red spruce and speckled alder - USFWS.


The refuge was established to ensure the ecological integrity of Canaan Valley and the continued availability of its wetland, botanical and wildlife resources to the citizens of the United States. Volunteer opportunities are growing. Qualified volunteers are needed to lead refuge programs, assist with maintenance projects, staff the visitor center, maintain refuge trails and help with special work days or events. There are also a limited number of opportunities for qualified volunteers to help with biological work. The projects range from a few hours to long-term. Schedules can be worked out to accommodate the volunteer’s needs.

If you are interested in volunteering on the refuge please contact Matt Boarman at 304-202-5366,or by e-mail to

Friends Group

The Friends of the nation's 500th National Wildlife Refuge was formed in 1996 to preserve and enhance the Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge. The Friends is a non-profit citizen's group devoted to conserving the unique natural and cultural resources of the Refuge and promoting nature oriented education. They work to promote awareness, enlist volunteers for Refuge and recreation program assistance, and sponsor special events, such as bird and wildflower walks and special studies and provide understanding and appreciation of ecology and people's role in their environment.

You may contact the Friends at:

Friends of the 500th
P.O. Box 422
Davis, WV 26260
or by e-mail: