Wildlife & Habitat

bull moose

Camas Refuge provides vital habitat for a variety of migratory birds. Large and small mammals as well as several non-migratory bird species depend on the refuge for habitat.

  • Birds

    Blue Jay

    A variety of migratory and non-migratory bird species can be found at Camas.  Over 300 species of birds have been identified on the Refuge over the years.  Some of the best songbird migrant viewing in the state can be found around the Refuge Headquarters.  Check out our Refuge Wildlife list and find as many species as you can!

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  • Mammals

    Weasel in brush

    Camas has a wide assortment of small and large mammals present at various times of the year.  Not much work has been done to identify the variety of small mammal species that exist on the Refuge to date.  Through the Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP) we will begin small mammal surveys to identify as many species that inhabit the Refuge as we can over the next couple of years.

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  • Habitat

    Pond and Marsh habitat

    Camas NWR has both native and naturalized habitat types that provide food and shelter for wildlife.  The Refuge has native wetland, riparian habitats and also native upland sagebrush, grasslands and meadows.  The naturalized habitats consist of a limited amount of agricultural lands, hay meadows and shelterbelt habitats.  All of these types of habitats provide basic needs for migratory and resident wildlife species that utilize the Refuge.

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