Seasons of Wildlife

Pintails and Mallards with Tetons in Background

The seasons at Camas are marked by the variety of birds that migrate through or make their home here, such as the pintails and mallards in the picture above. 

  • Spring

    Snow Geese in Spring

    Snow geese pass through during their spring migration and use a Camas as a resting spot before heading north to the Arctic regions.  As many 15,000 to 20,000 may use the Refuge on a given time during the height of the snow goose migration.  

  • Summer

    Long-billed Curlew chick

    Summer is the season to view the emergence of newly hatched birds, such as this long-billed curlew chick. Many species nest on the Refuge, so keep an eye out for young in all types of habitats.

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  • Fall

    Bull Moose

    Moose are frequent visitors to Camas NWR, and can be found during any season, depending upon local habitat conditions.  This bull moose was checking out all the trees around the Refuge headquarters area.

  • Winter

    Pheasant in Snow

    Winters in the high desert habitat can be harsh, some years there is snow on the ground from late October through April. However resident species such this ring-necked pheasant can be seen year round.