Plan Your Visit


Welcome to Caddo Lake National Wildlife Refuge!

Visitor Contact Station:
Open seven days a week, from sunup to sunset.

Stop by here to talk to a staff member or volunteer about what is happening on the refuge. The Visitor Contact Station is located behind the refuge administration building. Follow the signs from the main entrance. Here you will find restrooms and educational displays about the refuge.

Ramsar Caddo Lake Wetlands Visitor Center:
Open seven days a week.

Here is where you can learn more about Caddo Lake and its importance to wildlife. Caddo Lake National Wildlife Refuge and the Caddo Lake Institute restored the old armory guard station to provide information and species photos to explain to the public why portions of Caddo Lake and the refuge are one of 26 sites in the United States to be recognized as “Wetlands of International Significance” under an international treaty signed by over 150 nations.

Free of charge, seven days a week from sunrise to sunset, you can enjoy wildlife-related activities, including wildlife watching, hiking, biking, hunting, and wildlife photography. Enjoy your public lands!

Caddo Lake National Wildlife Refuge is located northeast of Marshall, Texas Harrison County.

From Dallas (2 and 1/2 hours): take I-20 east to Marshall, TX, and get on Hwy. 59 North. Go through Marshall to HWY. 43 North; take 43 North. In fifteen minutes or so, you will come up on 449 spur. Take a right on 449 (also a post office sign on Hwy. 43). Follow this for about a mile, and you will come to the intersection of 449 and Hwy. 134. Look for the Karnack Post Office on the right corner and the Karnack Community Center on the opposite left corner. Go straight through the intersection, over the train tracks and you will enter the refuge.

From Shreveport (1/2 to 3/4 hour): Take I-20 West to Waskom, TX. At David Beard's Catfish Restaurant, take Hwy. 134 North out of Waskom. Follow Hwy. 134 into Karnack. In Karnack, you will come to the intersection of Hwy. 134 and Spur 449 (T.J. Taylor Avenue). Take a right past the post office and cross the train tracks, and you will enter the refuge.