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Hunting is one of the priority recreational uses on National Wildlife Refuges and compatible with the mission of this refuge. While enjoying this traditional, recreational activity, hunters help manage these lands for the benefit of wildlife and you.

The refuge offers hunts white-tailed deer hunts and feral hog. Included are opportunities for youths and hunters with disabilities. A valid State of Texas hunting license is required and all Texas State regulations apply.

Feral Hog Hunt:
Feral Hog may be taken during the daylight hours of any established refuge hunt. Permits and legal weapons apply as prescribed for the current season.

Archery Hunt:
The refuge archery hunt will be open to the general public September 29- October 31, 2012. All archery hunters will be required to have a signed General Refuge Hunting Permit, which is free of charge and can be picked up at the refuge’s Head Quarters or Visitor Center prior to hunting. Archery hunters will be required to harvest an antlerless deer prior to attempting to take an antlered deer.

Youth Hunt:

A youth hunt for 12 to 16 year olds will be held November 15-18, 2012. All youth hunters must be accompanied by an adult supervisor, 18 years of age or older. The adult supervisor must remain with the youth participant at all times during hunting activities.

Persons with Challenges Hunt:
The hunt for challenged hunters will be held November 8-11, 2012. Persons participating in the hunt must have certification of their disability which must be permanent in nature. The participant must be unable to walk more than 200 feet unassisted.

A maximum of two challenged or youth hunters may apply as a hunt party by placing their names on a standard U.S. Postal Service card marked Youth/Challenged Hunt. All entry cards for the challenged or youth hunts must be plainly marked: Attention Youth Hunt or Challenged Hunt for consideration to be given. Applicants wishing to apply for the Youth or Challenged Hunts may do so by mailing the application in a regular envelope to the Refuge Office (link to contact us page). Individual bag limits for the disabled and youth hunts will be two deer, only one may be antlered. Youth participating in the youth hunt may also apply for the modern gun hunt. Hunters must possess a valid hunting license and tags
Modern Gun Hunt
Hunts will be held:
November 29- December 2, 2012
December 6-9, 2012
December 13-16, 2012

Modern gun hunt participants will be required to harvest an antlerless deer prior to attempting to take an antlered deer.

To be considered for the modern gun hunt, applicants must submit a standard 3x5 inch U.S. Postal Service post card. The applicant will place his/her address on the front of the post card. For applicants who wish to hunt with a party, a maximum of four (4) individuals may apply on one card. Hunt Party applications will include the person whose name appears on the front of the post card and up to three additional individuals whose names will appear on the back of the post card.

The following information is required for each person whose name appears on the post card:

    Modern Gun (written once on the face of the post card)
    Telephone Number and Area Code of each applicant

All post card entries must be placed in a standard envelope and mailed to:
    Caddo Lake National Wildlife Refuge
    P.O. Box 230
    Karnack, Texas 75661

An individual may apply only once for the modern gun hunt. Duplicate entries will disqualify all applicants on the post card from all modern gun hunts. Incomplete or duplicate applications will be disqualified. All entries must be postmarked no later than July 31, 2012 to be considered valid.

A lottery drawing will be held at the Refuge Headquarters in Karnack, Texas at 9:00 A.M. on August 18. The public is invited to attend.

Applicants selected in the drawing will be notified by mail, and will be required to submit a fee of $12.50 per person, cashier’s check or money order, payable to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to receive their quota permit. Fees are not refundable and permits are not transferable.

For additional information, contact Jason Roesner ( at 903/679-9144.

General Hunt Information
Review the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s Refuge System Hunting Information.

State and Federal Regulations

  • Everyone who hunts on a national wildlife refuge must have the required state license(s). (State government links are provided under the State Licenses tab.) Some refuges also require their own permits and/or user fees. These are noted in this guide.
  • All state and/or refuge regulations for bag and possession limits must be followed, as well as those for tagging and checking in after the hunt. 
  • Follow state and/or refuge rules for wearing hunter orange.

Caddo Lake National Wildlife Refuge Requirements
  • Hunting on refuges is permitted during certain time periods and in designated areas only, and these are subject to change. It is critical to contact the refuge for authorized activities and current guidelines before your visit.
  • You may only hunt species specified by the refuge.
  • The distribution of bait and/or hunting over bait is strictly prohibited.
  • Some refuges require hunters to have hunter education certificates or bow hunters to have completed the International Bow hunter Education Course. Check individual refuge regulations. 
  • Vehicles are allowed only on roads designated as open. Unless stated otherwise, all terrain vehicles (ATVs) and off-roading are strictly prohibited.
  • Hunters may not use nails, wires, screws or bolts to attach a stand to a tree, nor may they hunt from a tree in which a metal object has been driven to support a hunter.
  • The use of artificial light to locate or take an animal is prohibited.
Last Updated: Aug 17, 2012
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