Migratory Waterfowl

Waterfowl Hunt

The Cache River NWR is known by duck hunters across the US for its waterfowl hunting, particularly for mallards. Greenheads shining in the sunlight as they flutter down between the oak trees in the flooded bottoms of the White River, Cache River, Bayou DeView and their tributaries during November, December and January is a cherished sight. There are numerous access points and boat ramps on the Refuge and surrounding Arkansas Game and Fish Commission WMAs where waterfowl hunters can walk-in or boat to some good waterfowl hunting.

CAUTION! While walking or boating through flooded areas please remember that there are numerous submerged obstacles and deep holes that could cause a person to stumble or flip a boat and potentially fall into extremely cold waters which could lead to life-threatening dangers such as hyperthermia and drowning. Be aware, be careful, and be prepared! Please wear the appropriate flotation gear- it could save your life!