Rules and Regulations

General Refuge Regulations: Public use of the Refuge is permitted throughout the year. Activities allowed include hunting, fishing, wildlife observation, photography, environmental education, and interpretation. Users of the Refuge must obey all signs pertaining to visitation, access, and the Public Use Regulations Brochure.  All public uses, including hunting and fishing, are conducted in accordance with state and federal regulations.

Nighttime use of the Refuge is limited to raccoon/opossum hunting (dogs required), fishing, and frogging and the appropriate associated gear or tackle must be possessed.


Some Prohibited Activities Include:


  • Recreational use of ATVs is not allowed. The use of ATVs is allowed only for hunting and is only allowed 

         from September 1 to February 28.

  • Use of firearms, and possession or use of archery equipment and crossbows, except during Refuge hunts 

         that permit their use.

  • Building fires.

  • Littering, including but not limited to shotgun shell hulls and cigarette butts.

  • Camping, including mooring houseboats to Refuge property.

  • Open containers of alcoholic beverages on Refuge roads, ATV trails, parking areas, boat ramps, or observation towers.


For a complete list of prohibited activities please see the Cache River NWR Public Use Rules and Regulations Brochure. 

For Public Use, hunting and fishing specific regulations for Cache River NWR, please refer to our Cache River NWR Public Use Rules and Regulations Brochure.