Frequently Asked Questions

Where is it? Southwestern Arizona, near Ajo.

When was it established? In 1939 it was set aside as a Game Range and in 1975 it officially became part of the National Wildlife Refuge System.

How big is it? 860,010 acres.

Why is it here? The refuge was originally established as a ‘Game Range’ and managed for the benefit of desert bighorn sheep and the protection of natural resources of the area. Today, the endangered Sonoran pronghorn and lesser long-nosed bat are included in the refuge’s primary management priorities.

What can I do there? Visitors can enjoy wildlife-dependent activities, including wildlife watching and photography, hunting and education and interpretation.

Are pets allowed? Pets must be on a leash and under owner control at all times.

Can I bring and release wildlife on the refuge? Releasing any animal (wildlife or unwanted pets) on the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge is illegal and subject to a fine.

How can I get a job with the refuge?
All federal jobs are announced and can be applied for at www.USAjobs.gov.