About Butte Sink Unit

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The Butte Sink Unit is part of the Butte Sink Wildlife Management Area, and is situated about 5 miles northeast of the town of Colusa in Colusa County.  The Unit consists of 733 acres, comprised primarily of wetlands with some grasslands and riparian habitats.

The Butte Sink Unit was established in 1980 as part of the Butte Sink Wildlife Management Area.  The Unit lies between the Sacramento River and the Sutter Buttes, and is bounded on its west side by Butte Creek.

Managed wetlands comprise the majority of the total acreage, and consist mostly of seasonally flooded wetlands, with occasional semi-permanent wetlands.  The remaining acreage is comprised of grasslands and riparian forest habitats. The Unit can host wintering waterfowl in excess of 500,000 ducks and 40,000 geese, occasionally reaching a peak population of over one million birds. Aside from wintering waterfowl, the Unit supports other species such as: bald eagle, State-listed as threatened greater sandhill cranes, California quail, deer, shorebirds, and an abundance of raptors such as red-tailed hawks and great-horned owls.

No public use is allowed on the Butte Sink Unit, in accordance with deed restrictions.

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