Just For Kids


Come to Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge to explore, enjoy and learn!

Let's Go Outside 
Visit Let's Go Outside for cool, fun outdoor things you can do on your own, with your friends, classroom or family! Enjoy the 'Book of Stuff,' which has everything from from scavenger hunts to matching animal tracks to creating a nature collage. Learn how to play Car Bingo and become a Wildlife Watch Explorer. You'll find these fun nature-related projects and a lot more!

Buenos Aires Word Find
Learn more about the refuge while completing this locally-themed word find.

Cool Coloring Books!

Stop by the Visitor Center to pick up free coloring books. Topics include wetlands, fish and wildlife, and national wildlife refuges.  

Visit these links for additional activities. 

Magic Field 
This is a story about three children witnessing the amazing magic that happens in an old field after their father carefully sets the field on fire. They learn that because of this controlled fire, there are more kinds of plants and animals now -- and lots of them! (USFWS publication)

Ask A Biologist 
Have fun coloring and learning about the 'puzzles of nature' at the same time. These coloring pages feature different areas of biology as well as fun facts (Arizona State University, School of Life Sciences)