Brown Canyon Hikes


Brown Canyon, in the Baboquivari Mountains, is a beautiful sycamore-shaded canyon of extraordinary diversity, a protected pristine example of the sky island ecosystem. 

About the Arch hike: This hike follows a sycamore-lined creek bed flanked by the oak-clad foothills of the Baboquivari mountains. You will stop and have your lunch under the shade of a beautiful natural rock Arch.  This one of a kind hike is a refuge favorite but don't forget your sturdy shoes for the uneven ground, long pants for thorns and branches, and plenty of water and sunblock! The total hike distance is 3.8 miles round trip.

High clearance vehicles are highly recommended as the road to the trail head can be rough.

Public hikes are held on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month from November to April. The cost is $5 per person, with a maximum of 12 people. Hikes start at 9:00 am. Check the events calendar for more information.

Private hikes are $40 inclusive for 1 to 12 hikers. The hike can be on any day from November to April, when a guide is available and a public hike is not being held. Private hikers choose their starting time. In winter a start later than 9:00 am could be arranged, but in spring, an early start is desirable.

Ask today about signing up for a hike or call 520-823-4251.

In an effort to lessen impacts to wildlife and plant species, the canyon is open by reservation only.