Visitor Activities

two men birdwatching at Breton

Visitors to Breton National Wildlife Refuge, a part of the National Wilderness System, will be rewarded with a unique and wild recreation experience. Whether you visit to fish or to observe and photograph wildlife, you are bound to have a memorable Southeast Louisiana nature adventure! Take a virtual tour of Breton Island here!

  • Fishing

    angler holding a drumfish

    The shallow water of Breton Sound provides exciting opportunities for the angler. Wade fishing, surf casting, or drift fishing can yield sea trout, redfish, flounder, cobia, bluefish, mackeral, and even tarpon in certain times of the year.

    Recreational fishing and crabbing on the Refuge are allowed year round in accordance to Louisiana state fishing regulations. All fishing and crabbing equipment must be attended at all times.

  • Wildlife Viewing

     Black Skimmer in flight

    Approximately five percent of the islands are used by nesting birds. These nesting colonies are most active March through August. Nesting colonies must not be entered — visitors may visit the Refuge at any time of year but must obey posted closed areas and avoid disturbing the birds.

    You can enjoy observing the seabird colonies from a respectful distance. Late winter through summer the islands are a raucous flurry of avian activity. Visitors typically see Brown Pelicans; Piping Plovers; Royal, Sandwich and Caspian Terns; Black Skimmers; and Laughing Gulls. Different bird species tend to nest in various zones, with the pelicans being farthest from the shore. Terns nests are often just a scrape in the sand.