Visitor Activities

Students Exploring Boyer Chute

Located right along the Missouri River, Boyer Chute National Wildlife Refuge provides a number of great opportunities to explore, discover and learn about the plants, wildlife and habitat of the Missouri River floodplain.  Scroll down for information on the following visitor activities: Hunting, Fishing, Wildlife Viewing, Interpretation, Environmental Education, Wildlife Photography

  • Hunting

    Hunter in Blind

    Archery deer and turkey hunting opportunities are available on designated areas of the refuge.  Hunters must sign and possess the Boyer Chute Hunting Brochure for all hunting on the refuge.  Refer to the Hunting Brochure for map of archery areas and rules and regulations.

    ATTENTION: Boyer Chute is open but access remains extremely limited due to county road closures.  The main unit is not accessible by vehicle or on foot and is limited to river access only.  Respect road closure signs and do not trespass on private property. 

    Boyer Chute does not charge an entrance fee.

    2021-2022 Hunting Regulations and Permit (Must print, read, sign and carry with you for all hunting activity on the refuge)

    2021-2022 Fall/Winter Deer Hunts

    Deer (Muzzleloader - Antlerless Only)- December 4-12, 2021

    Deer (Archery - Either Sex) - September 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021

    For Muzzleloader hunts, Nebraska Hunters need a statewide muzzleloader or Wahoo AOSC permit and may only harvest antlerless deer. Hunters also need to print and sign the 2021-2022 DeSoto Hunting Regulations and Permit brochure found above. Have these permits printed and signed to participate in the weeklong muzzleloader hunt. Contact refuge for more information: 712-388-4803


     Boyer Chute Waterfowl Hunting Regulation and Map  

    - Waterfowl hunting is permitted in accordance with State and Federal hunting regulations.

    - Hunters must possess all applicable State and Federal licenses and stamps.

    - Refuge hunting area is open to the hunting of the following waterfowl species only:
    ducks, geese, and coots. No other migratory species or any upland game hunting is permitted.

    - Hunters may access the refuge from 1 hour before legal sunrise to 1 hour after legal sunset.

    - Hunting area is defined as the immediate shoreline of the Missouri River, up to and including the high bank. See map for area open to waterfowl hunting.

    - Waterfowl hunting is prohibited on the Boyer Chute waterway.

    - Hunting area may be accessed by land, walk-in access from any of the public use area parking lots located on the west side of Boyer Chute; weapons must be cased and dogs leashed until reaching hunting area.

    - Motorized vehicles are prohibited on the island roads and trails.

    - Weapons must be unloaded and cased while traveling through the closed area.

    - It is illegal to retrieve game from areas closed to hunting.

    - Portable daily blinds are permitted, however the cutting, pulling, or other destruction of vegetation is prohibited. All blinds must be removed at the conclusion of each day's hunt. The construction or use of permanent blinds and/or pits is prohibited.

    - Decoys cannot be left unattended at any time.

    - Dogs may be used for waterfowl hunting, but must be under the handlers control at all times.

  • Fishing

    Angler with a Nice Catch

    Fishing is allowed year-round in the Missouri River and Boyer Chute, except when the chute is ice covered. See the regulations brochure for full information.

  • Wildlife Viewing

    Spotting Wildlife

    Boyer Chute National Wildlife Refuge offers excellent wildlife viewing opportunities. A wide variety of migratory waterfowl, shorebirds, grassland birds, neotropical migrants, mammals and many others can be seen at the refuge. Wildlife can be seen from refuge roads and hiking trails. Wildlife can be seen anytime of the year with the largest concentrations of migrating birds in the spring and fall.

  • Interpretation

    Wetland Exploration

    Through interpretive exhibits, brochures and programs, visitors have the opportunity to connect with the resources of Boyer Chute National Wildlife Refuge. A variety of interpretive signs are available at refuge kiosks and wayside exhibits. Interpretive programs and special events are held throughout the year to help people get to know their national wildlife refuge.

  • Environmental Education

    Blair Students Exploring the Refuge

    Boyer Chute National Wildlife Refuge provides many opportunities for learning. Through environmental education programs, students meet curriculum goals while connecting with nature. DeSoto and Boyer Chute National Wildlife Refuges partner with the local Blair Community School district for the Blair Schools/DeSoto NWR Environmental Education partnership where students make repeat visits to the refuge each year. The refuge partners with Edison Elementary in Omaha for a yearlong refuge experience for 6th grade students that include school visits by rangers and field trips to the refuge. Other are schools are also served for single visit field trips to the refuge that are facilitated with activity guides and other assistance from refuge staff. 

  • Photography

    Photography on the Refuge

    Boyer Chute National Wildlife Refuge is full of photographic opportunities. Photographers have ample opportunities to photograph migratory waterfowl, bald eagles, scenic vistas and other resident wildlife. There are no special photography blinds on the refuge but photographers can shoot from any location open to the general public.

    Commercial photography does not require a permit unless it uses a model, set or prop; or it takes place at a location where or when members of the public are not allowed; or it will be used as advertisement; or the agency would incur costs for providing onsite management and oversight to protect agency resources or minimize visitor use conflicts. All commercial filming requires a permit.