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Research, inventory, and monitoring are at the  backbone of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  With science, we can actively learn and adapt management strategies for the betterment of the wildlife and habitat that make up Refuge lands.

  • Grassland Songbird Research


    Three upland songbirds have been identified as target species of concern on the refuge...

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  • Upland Vegetation Inventory


    All across the northern great plains, select Refuges came together to work on a study....

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  • Water Quality Monitoring


    Bowdoin NWR utilizes the same delivery system as farmers do in the Milk River Valley.

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  • Colonial Bird Surveys

    Pelican Chick 150_200

    The American white pelican have been on the refuge since before its establishment in 1936.

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  • Duck Banding


    Waterfowl banding at Bowdoin NWR is one piece of information in a large effort to continue gathering knowledge for better management of this group of birds.

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  • Mourning Dove Banding


    In 2012, Bowdoin NWR started a banding program for mourning doves.

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