For Educators

Environmental Education

The diversity of habitats and wildlife found throughout the Bowdoin Refuge Complex make it an ideal "classroom" for the area's environmental education needs. The refuge complex staff has instituted educational programs - such as the wildlife poetry, wildlife art, and centennial quilt contests - to promote an appreciation and understanding of the wildlife and habitats the refuge complex was established to protect. Teacher workshops have been offered at the Bowdoin Refuge in cooperation with Montana State University - Northern (Havre, Montana). A variety of elementary and high school science classes have used the refuge as an outdoor classroom. School groups can check out the wetland teaching trunk, bat teaching trunk, binoculars, birding field guides, exploring outdoors backpacks, and a variety of wildlife videos to use on or off the refuge. Slide presentations about local birds and bats are also available and can be taken to the classroom or used for onsite programs.