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In 1999, Bond Swamp NWR became an official partner in the Ocmulgee Heritage Greenway project, a cooperative effort to protect the wetland systems of the Ocmulgee River through development of an integrated system of natural, scenic, and historical sites, affording diverse public education and recreational opportunities. In demonstration of its commitment to this project, Bond Swamp NWR entered into a memorandum of understanding with other private and public greenway partners, including the Trust for Public Land, city of Macon, Georgia DNR, Macon Water Authority, NPS, and Bibb County Board of Commissioners.

The refuge has partnered with the Georgia DNR on several efforts, including the Robust Redhorse Recovery Project; annual butterfly, wintering waterfowl, and bald eagle surveys; and neotropical migratory bird surveys. Georgia DNR continues to provide technical assistance with Swainson’s warbler and cane monitoring and management. Refuge staff cooperates with the public works departments, sheriff departments, and emergency services in Bibb and Twiggs Counties for joint assistance with law enforcement, road work, etc. Georgia DNR is also a law enforcement partner, assisting with hunts.

Approximately 1,072 acres are owned in fee title by the State of Georgia and managed by Bond Swamp NWR under cooperative agreement. These include Brown's Mount, and the McNair and Timberlake north tracts. Both the state and the refuge have essentially the same over riding interests in these lands, and they need to develop the specifics of the 50-year management plan that implements the cooperative agreement.