Visitor Activities

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Visitor Opportunities
Bond Swamp National Wildlife Refuge is managed in coordination with Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge. Offices for both refuges are located in the Piedmont Refuge Visitor Center which contains exhibits describing wildlife and habitats found at Bond Swamp. The Visitor Center is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm, except on federal holidays/ Bond Swamp National Wildlife Refuge is open daily during daylight hours, although some access roads and portions of the refuge may be closed during periods of flooding or quota deer hunts.

  • Walking Trails

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    Hiking on the refuge can be enjoyable throughout the year. Approximately four miles of hiking trails are available. The Longleaf Pine trail provides views on an upland pine/hardwood forest, while the Beaver Swamp Loop trail meanders along Stone Creek and through forested wetlands. Additional information on Bond Swamp National Wildlife Refuge can be found at kiosks located in the Stone Creek and Longleaf Pine trail parking areas, in the Bond Swamp Refuge general brochure and at the Visitor Center at Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge.

    Bond Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, including hiking trails, is closed for short periods during limited Refuge hunts. Contact the main Refuge office at (478) 986 - 5441 for more information.

    Brown’s Mount is open to hiking year-round with several trails traversing the mount.

    The refuge trail map is available for DOWNLOAD HERE.

  • Hunting

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    Hunting Opportunities include Deer Hunting, Exotics Hunting, Migratory Bird Hunting, Turkey Hunting, Upland Bird Hunting and Small Game Hunting.

    Established in 1989 to protect forested wetland habitat, the refuge is located within the floodplain of the Ocmulgee River. Opportunities to hunt deer, turkey and feral hogs attracts hunters from across the state. Small game hunting for squirrel, rabbit and quail is also available. Access to the 7,760-acre refuge is primarily by foot with limited road access. The refuge floods frequently making access difficult at times. All hunting requires a refuge specific permit. Some hunts are a lottery drawing. The refuge is managed by Piedmont NWR in Jones County, approximately 30 miles north of Bond Swamp.


    The refuge is open to the public year round for visitation and pre-hunt scouting during day light hours, except during quota deer firearm hunts. Camping is prohibited.

    Applications for the Bond Swamp quota hunts for deer and waterfowl are available the first week in August. Applications for the quota turkey hunts are available the first week of January.

    The refuge is primarily river swamp with creeks and sloughs traversing the entire area. When Ocmulgee River overflows its banks, the flood plain may remain flooded for weeks. Access by vehicle and on foot may be difficult. Four-wheel drive vehicles may be required to access some areas. Portions of the refuge may be closed during periods of flooding.

    Public hunting is permitted on approximately 7,764 acres of Bond Swamp National Wildlife Refuge. All hunters must possess applicable valid state hunting licenses in order to hunt on the Refuge along with a Refuge special use permit. In addition to Federal regulations, State Game and Fish laws and regulations are adopted and in effect unless they have been further restricted by Federal laws and regulations. Hunting regulations are designed to protect the sportsman and wildlife populations. Our regulations supplement the general regulations which govern hunting on National Wildlife Refuges as set forth in Title 50, Code 32 of Federal Regulations.

    *To report a violation on the refuge or if you have any other law enforcement question, please contact:
    Federal Wildlife Officer Thomas Payne at
    Refuge specific regulations and hunt seasons are ready for DOWNLOAD HERE.

    Georgia State Game and Fish Regulations can be found at

  • Sport Fishing

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    Fishing is open March 1 through October 31, from sunrise to sunset.

    Fishing is permitted over the entire refuge except for Brown’s Mount, which is closed to hunting and fishing.

    Species limits are the same as State regulations.

    Fisherman may use only rod and reel or pole and line to fish.

    Fisherman man not place or throw feeds to attract fish.

    Refuge specific regulations and hunt seasons can be found HERE TO DOWNLOAD

    Georgia State Game and Fish Regulations can be found at

  • Wildlife Observation & Photography

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    Wildlife on Bond Swamp NWR
    The animals that live at Bond Swamp are as diverse as the refuge, from bats that fly high in the sky to the frogs that burrow into the mud. You may not see all the animals that are listed in our Refuge Wildlife Brochure (Refuge Wildlife List), but these are the animals that could live in the area. In addition to the wildlife brochure, there is also a Bond Swamp NWR Bird List brochure available. To obtain a copy of these brochures, please call the Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center at (478) 986-5441, email us at or contact us at 718 Juliette Rd., Round Oak, Georgia 31038.

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  • Environmental Education & Interpretation

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    Educational programs are available to organized school, civic, professional and conservation groups. Advanced reservations are required for all programs and can be made by phoning the refuge at (478) 986 - 5441.

    The Bond Swamp Visitor Center is located at the Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge, which is located approximately 25 miles north of Macon. To reach the Piedmont Refuge Visitor Center, exit I-75 at Exit 186 in Forsyth and drive east along Juliette Rd. for 18 miles. 

    Bond Swamp National Wildlife Refuge
    c/o Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge
    718 Juliette Road
    Round Oak, GA 31038
    ph: 478-986-5441
    fax: 478-986-9646

    For more information on Native Americans in the region, visit the Ocmulgee National Monument in Macon, Georgia, which presents and interprets 17,000 years of human history along the Ocmulgee River.

    Ocmulgee National Monument
    1207 Emery Highway
    Macon, GA 31217-4399
    Visitor Information: (478) 752-8257