Rules and Regulations

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  • The refuge is open to the public year round for visitation and pre-hunt scouting during day light hours, EXCEPT DURING FIREARMS QUOTA DEER HUNTS.
  • Refuge Permits are required for all hunters and fisherman and anyone who accompanies them
  • Taking, collecting or disturbing any artifact, property, plant, wildlife or part thereof; other than that specifically permitted by refuge regulation is prohibited.
  • Off road vehicle travel is not permitted; vehicles are only allowed on open gravel roads unless posted otherwise. Horses and mules are not permitted on the refuge. Bicycles are restricted to the same open gravel roads as vehicle travel.
  • Pets must be on a leash at all times.
  • All visitors should ensure they read and understand Refuge specific regulations.

Please see the following link for a full list of our regulations.
Refuge specific regulations and hunt seasons can be found HERE. 



Trapping Occurs at this Refuge

Trapping is a wildlife management tool used on some national wildlife refuges. Trapping may be used to protect endangered and threatened species or migratory birds or to control certain wildlife populations. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service also views trapping as a legitimate recreational and economic activity when there are harvestable surpluses of fur-bearing mammals. On this refuge trapping occurs only as a wildlife management tool and is prohibited by the public. Outside of Alaska, refuges that permit trapping as a recreational use may require trappers to obtain a refuge special use permit. Signs are posted on refuges where trapping occurs. Contact the refuge manager for specific regulations. Click here for more information.