Threatened and Endangered Species

Loggerhead sea turtle track

The U.S Fish and Wildlife Service leads the Federal effort to protect and restore animals and plants that are in danger of extinction both in the United States and worldwide. Using the best scientific evidence available, FWS biologists identify species that appear to be endangered or threatened. After review, species may be placed on the Interior Department’s official “List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants.” FWS biologists, along with other partners, then develop recovery plans for the species that include research, habitat preservation and management, and other recovery activities. For more information about how the FWS is recovering and conserving our Nation's imperiled species visit U.S. FWS Endangered Species

  • Sea Turtles

    Turtle Nesting Sign

    Sea turtles are in decline around the world. Threats to these ancient reptiles include loss of habitat, disorientation due to coastal lighting, entanglement, and marine debris.The loggerhead, Kemp's Ridley, and green sea turtles have all been documented nesting on Alabama's coastline making the refuge an important site for sea turtle recovery.

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  • Alabama Beach Mouse

    Alabama Beach Mouse 2

    This endangered mammal lives only in the rolling white sand dunes on a sliver of habitat along Alabama’s coastline. Its existence has been threatened by mans's steady development of the natural beaches where it makes its home.

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