Wildlife & Habitat

Wild flowers

Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge is "home" to a variety of wildlife. However, many animals are secretive or nocturnal and may rarely be seen by refuge visitors. Wildlife observers are encouraged to hike quietly; listen and look for the signs of wildlife.

  • Birds

    Cedar Waxwings

    With over 360 different species of birds documented on the refuge, Bon Secour is a birder's paradise. Spring and fall bring an array of color with spectacular migratory bird populations traveling between their breeding and wintering grounds. To learn more about the different species found here or to print out a handy bird checklist, visit the link below.

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  • Endangered Species

    Kemp's Ridley Adult

    Living up to the its name, Bon Secour (or "safe harbor"), the refuge is truly a safe harbor for many species including endangered and threatened species.

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  • Habitats

    Marsh Habitat

    The refuge encompasses some of Alabama's last remaining undisturbed coastal barrier habitat. Explore beach dunes to rolling pine-oak woodlands.

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