Rules and Regulations

Boundary Posting

Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge regulations are in place to support, protect, and preserve the unique natural resources that are found on the refuge, including nesting sea turtles and the Alabama beach mouse, but also natural and scenic resources, as well as to enhance public safety and enjoyment of the refuge.

Please come enjoy Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge during daylight hours only by exploring the designated hiking trails, fishing, enjoying the beach, nature photography, or wildlife observation.

Prohibited activities on Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge include the following:

● Bringing pets onto the refuge (click for more pet policy information & exceptions)
● Walking in the dunes
● Hunting
● Camping
● Fires
● Fireworks
● Collection of artifacts, plants, or animals
● Leaving personal property unattended
● Commercial activities and special events, including weddings
● Bicycles on trails
● Entering the refuge before sunrise
● Entering or remaining on the refuge after sunset
● Foot traffic on Little Dauphin Island is prohibited. However, Little Dauphin Island
can be explored by canoe or kayak.

State and federal fishing regulations must be followed.

Please avoid boating near areas that are marked as bird nesting sites.

Please pay close attention to signs stating “National Wildlife Refuge - Unauthorized Entry Prohibited” and “Area Beyond this Sign Closed To All Public Entry.”

For additional information about Bon Secour NWR rules and regulations visit