Planning for the Visit

Teachers can obtain material for each of the lesson plans, as well as other information necessary to prepare the class before the visit to the refuge from the Bombay Hook website and click on For Educators. It is expected that there will be classroom preparation before the visit as well as follow-up after visit so that this can be a successful learning experience.


A twelve-mile auto trail winds through the diverse habitat areas of the refuge and connects with the five walking trails. The Visitor’s Facility at the entrance to the refuge includes administrative office, restrooms, an auditorium, exhibits, and a Refuge Store. Picnic tables are located outdoors and adjacent to the Visitor’s Facility. No food or beverages are available on the refuge. Students, teachers, chaperones, and bus drivers must bring boxed lunches. There are no restroom facilities on the refuge other then those in the Visitor’s Facility. All activities are outdoors, except for videos and staff talks which are held in the auditorium of the Visitor’s Facility.