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Albert the Delmarva fox squirrel - Sid Keiser.

Albert the Delmarva fox squirrel.

Hi Kids!!

Welcome to my neck of the woods! My name is Albert and I am a Delmarva Peninsula fox squirrel, a special squirrel found only on the Delmarva Peninsula. I live at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge with the rest of my wild friends. Our Refuge Manager is working hard to make sure that species like me have all that we need for a good home, and that all the other animals have a home here, too!

Coloring Fun

"Albert's Refuge Adventure" Coloring Book

- Join Albert the Delmarva fox squirrel on his adventure as he searches Blackwater Refuge for his cousin Gary the gray squirrel (4.3MB PDF).

Wetlands Coloring Book

- Outdoorsman Mark Trail helps us learn more about wetlands and the animals that live in them. He also talks about the Duck Stamp program. Includes coloring pages and a page to draw your own duck stamp (1.5MB PDF file).

A Goose Story

A Goose Story (1.2MB PDF file) is a wonderful tale about a group of Canada geese that are planning to migrate from James Bay, Canada down to Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge for the winter.

Junior Refuge Manager Program

The staff at Blackwater are currently working on a new Junior Refuge Manager program and booklet. In the near future, we'll be posting information on this page about how you can participate.

The Junior Duck Stamp Art Contest

Do you like to draw wildlife?  Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge hosts the Federal Junior Duck Stamp Program and Art Contest for the state of Maryland.  If you live in Maryland, click here to find out how to enter your duck artwork in the contest.  If you live outside of Maryland, visit the Federal Junior Duck Stamp page to find out how to participate in your state.