Resource Management

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Black Coulee National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) staff use a variety of habitat management techniques such as grazing, mowing, herbicide treatments, and controlled burns to maintain, recover, or enhance habitat for wildlife.

  • Wetland Management


    The motto for wildlife managers during the Dust Bowl era was to hold water for waterfowl use, as high as possible, for as long as possible, which in turn lead to developing wetland basins from depressions in the landscape to wetlands that were deeper. This motto for holding water high and long resulted in an immediate response by waterfowl. Birds took to the new habitat, only emphasizing the idea of more water.

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  • Upland Management


    The Black Coulee NWR actively manages uplands through the use of grazing, fire, and mowing/haying.

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  • Invasive and Non-native Species Management


    The US Fish and Wildlife Service works to control invasive species through various means, these species are very hardy, spread rapidly, and easily out-compete the more vulnerable native plant species.

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