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Sandhill crane flying/Powell

Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1937 for migratory birds and is important habitat for birds and other wildlife.

Migratory Birds Photo Gallery
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    American avocet/USFWS

    Migratory birds of Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge and eastern New Mexico.  

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  • Audio

    Blue grosbeak/USFWS

    Audio player of waterfowl, shorebirds, and songbirds seen on Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge.  

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Page Photo Credits — Sandhill crane flying/David Powell ©, American avocet/USFWS, Blue grosbeak/USFWS, Anax dragonfly/USFWS, Dragonfly species / USFWS, All photos courtesy of USFWS unless otherwise noted.
Last Updated: Jan 28, 2015
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