Final Comprehensive Conservation Plan

The final CCP for the Refuge describes goals, objectives, and strategies for improving Refuge conditions—including the types of habitat we will provide, partnership opportunities, and management actions needed to achieve desired conditions.

The Final Comprehensive Conservation Plan and Environmental Impact Statement (CCP/EIS) for Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge was released in late August 2004. Community participation in the planning process was integral to the development of a high quality plan for the Refuge. Changes made to the CCP/EIS from draft to final were based largely on public comments, and are summarized in the Summary document. Appendix M (Comments and Responses), found in both the Final CCP/EIS and Summary, includes a summary of all comments received as well as detailed responses to these comments.

The full and summary documents are available for download below, at the Nisqually NWR Complex office and visitor center, and the following public libraries: Olympia Timberland Library, Tacoma Public Library, University of Washington-Suzallo Library, William G. Reed Library in Shelton, and The Evergreen State College Library.

The Next Steps

Implementation of the CCP will occur over the next 15 years. Ongoing habitat restoration programs will continue. Restoration efforts will be expanded as suitable properties are acquired from willing sellers within the new approved Refuge boundary. Estuarine restoration is in progress and will take several years.
Increased monitoring efforts have begun, including a new fish monitoring study. Several step-down plans will be developed as needed. Refuge specific regulations will be published in the Federal Register and implemented on the ground.


Final Comprehensive Conservation Plan, March 2005 (10.4 MB PDF)
Record of Decision, November 2004 (496 KB PDF)
Final CCP/EIS, August 2004 – by section

Final CCP/EIS Summary of Changes, August 2004 (5.0 MB PDF)
Draft CCP/EIS, December 2002 – by section

Draft CCP/EIS Summary, December 2002 (697 KB PDF)


Planning Updates:

Planning Update 1, August 1996 (30 KB PDF)
Planning Update 2, November 1996 (33 KB PDF)
Planning Update 3, November 1997 (43 KB PDF)
Planning Update 4, April 1998 (123 KB PDF)
Planning Update 5, December 1998 (153 KB PDF)
Planning Update 6, June 2001 (832 KB PDF)
Planning Update 7, August 2004 (81 KB PDF)
Planning Update 8, December 2004 (43 KB PDF)

Federal Register Notices:

Notice of Availability for Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge Draft Comprehensive Conservation Plan and Environmental Impact Statement, December 20, 2002 (42 KB PDF).
Notice of Availability for Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge Comprehensive Conservation Plan Record of Decision, December 9, 2004 (45 KB PDF).