Field Trip Planning

Making all the necessary plans for a successful field trip ensures a safe, educational, and fun time for all.  The links below will help you get started with your planning.

Field Trip Reservation Form (complete and send in to apply for field trip date)

An Introduction to Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge (Chapter 1 of the Educator's Guide)

Field Trip Preparation Information (Chapter 2 of the Educator's Guide)

Powerpoint presentation "An Overview to Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually NWR" (use in the classroom as a pre-field trip activity)

Map of the Twin Barns Loop Trail (a great hand-out to give to adult chaperones!)

Refuge Resources for Teachers


Visit the Refuge!

The Refuge offers many resources to assist in planning and to ensure that you make the most of your field trip.  We also recommend that teachers visit the Refuge and walk the trails prior to their field trip. The Refuge Office is open Mon-Fri 7:30am - 4:00pm. To make an appointment or to schedule a trip, contact the Education Coordinator at (360) 753-9467 or e-mail 


Lesson Planning Assistance

The Refuge Education Coordinator is available to meet with teachers and group leaders to help plan field trips. This staff member can recommend activities and places to go on the Refuge that will help you achieve your learning objectives.


Orientation Talks

Refuge educators are available upon request to give an orientation talk to groups with reservations. To request an orientation talk, complete and submit a field trip reservation form.


Environmental Education Center

The Refuge's Environmental Education Center has two classrooms, a common room for opening and closing sessions, bathrooms, and a covered deck and outdoor amphitheater. School groups may reserve use of the space by completing the field trip reservation form.


Teacher Training

Several times a year, the Refuge offers a 4-hour Field Trip Orientation Workshop, where teachers can learn about the facilities and resources available, how to structure a field trip to the Refuge, and how to prepare students with pre-trip classroom activities. Admission is free and clock hours are also available for this workshop. 

*** Only teachers who have participated in a field trip orientation workshop within the past three years are able to schedule a class for their field trip between May 15 and the end of the school year.  Teachers who have attended a workshop since 2011 and scheduled a field trip within the past two years may continue to schedule field trips between May 15th and the end of the school year without re-taking the workshop. *** 

To register for a workshop, contact the Education Coordinator: