Get Involved

Tree Frog on a Leaf

We welcome volunteers interested in helping Big Stone Wetland Management District fulfill its mission.

Volunteer opportunities range from indoor tasks like clerical assistance, computer support, and building maintenance to outdoor jobs that include biological surveys, field maintenance projects, and habitat management work.

Volunteer schedules are flexible. Volunteers come from various age groups and skill levels. Most volunteer work is based out of our office in Odessa, MN. If you live near one of our waterfowl production areas there may be volunteer projects available on the federal land near your home. A simple example is parking area maintenance. Sometimes people volunteer to mow the small grassed parking areas we provide if the parking area is near their home. That saves us from having to load up a tractor from the office in Odessa and haul it to sites many miles away.

If you would like more information on volunteer opportunities, contact us at 320-273-2191.