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Visitors viewing wildlife at Big Stone Wetland Management District

Directions, Address & Contact Info

The Big Stone Wetland Management District office and maintenance facility are located approximately eight miles east of Ortonville, Minnesota and one-half mile west of Odessa, Minnesota. The Wetland Management District office is located at the Big Stone National Wildlife Refuge Office headquarters. From Ortonville MN, drive south on Highway 7/75, and then drive south on Big Stone County Road 19, approximately three-quarters of a mile. The Big Stone Wetland Management District headquarters is on the west side of the road.

Big Stone Wetland Management District
44843 County Road 19
Odessa, MN 56276
Phone: 320-273-2191
Fax: 320-273-2231

Points of Interest

The Big Stone Wetland Management District (Wetland Management District) headquarters and office serves as the main visitor contact point and is located at 44843 County Road 19, Odessa, Minnesota. The main phone number is 320-273-2191. Big Stone Wetland Management District covers two counties in southwest MN; Lincoln and Lyon counties. The Wetland Management District manages all federal lands, easements and private land projects in both of these two counties.

The District’s Primary Purpose
• Optimize waterfowl production.
• Preserve and protect native grasslands.
• Provide and maintain quality upland and wetland habitat capable of supporting healthy migratory bird populations.
• Assist private landowners with restoration of wildlife habitat.
• Provide opportunities for quality wildlife dependent recreation.
• Provide opportunities for environmental education.

Know Before You Go

The tallgrass prairie region is one of extremes. Temperatures can drop to well below -20° F in the winter months and swell to 90° F during the summer. Summertime also marks the season for fast moving thunderstorms. Dress appropriately and bring extra clothing along with weather appropriate head protection. Keep an eye to the sky and check the weather forecast before your outing as daily weather conditions can bring dramatic change! Insect repellent is also a good idea as warm weather brings with it mosquitoes and ticks.
Last Updated: Jul 06, 2012
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